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This Bali Huts for Sale - A Exotic Tripical Island Lifestyel Thatch 3x3 Balinese Cabana

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Brisbane Bali Huts

Balinese thatching and African Cape reed offers a exiting alternative to the contemporary colour bond outback oven we all know so well. Naturally insulated thatch creates the wow factor inside and out.


Just take a tour through our website and discover how a QLD Thatch Gazebo will improve your life style to incorporate a tropical island resort atmosphere rite in your own backyard.


A Bali Hut or Balinese Cabana is a freestanding timber frame shelter, recreational structure with deck which creates a touch of heaven to your outdoor living area while delivering all year round protection from the elements. Balinese huts is 100% waterproof, protects the family from UV rays and up to 12 degrees cooler in summer. As a Stylish poolside retreat your Bali Hut is versatile addition to you outdoor living environs allowing all year round shelter and usage.


Free standing Bali Huts and Cabanas create a space separate to that of patios, pergolas, alfresco and verandahs. They link a relaxing, seating area to pools that offer protection from the harsh sun while interacting with others swimming or cooling off and or an area for retreat  to escape everyday living whether in the garden or your own choice of oasis.


Transforming a Bali Hut into a Cottage or Villa is very easily accomplishable. Just ad walls, windows and a sliding door.


No other roofing material beats alfresco dining under a all natural rustic QTD Balinese Patio with strategically placed lighting. Just imagine the look on your family and friends faces walking through the back door into a heavenly Balinese Patio. 



Exotic Ttropical island Lifestyle thatch Balinese Gazebos - 3x3m
Exotic Ttropical island Lifestyle thatch Balinese Patio

Brisbane Thatch and Decks is a proud Brisbane based business. With a relaxing lifestye in mind We design, supply and install Decks, Shingle roofing, Exotic African Cape Reed Thatched huts (Rondawels) & Tropical Island style Balinese Thatched Roof structures such as Bali Huts, Cabanas, Balinese Gazebo's, Pavilions or Pergolas at factory direct prices without compromising on quality. We focus to deliver a exceptional product, client service and satisfaction . We do all maintenance and repairs on all types Brushwood, Balinese and Cape reed Thatching.

BALI HUTS FOR SALE ! Save by doing it rite the first time on all custom build THATCHED BALI HUTS, CABANAS & GAZEBOS form Brisbane Thatch & Decks.

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QLD Thatch Gazebo next to Brisbane River
Exotic Ttropical island Lifestyle thatch Balinese Gazebos - 3x3m
Bali Hut, Deck and Steps by Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Bali Huts

Balinese Huts

If you want the best house seek the services of a architect and builder... If you want the best Balinese Gazebo call the Professionals at Brisbane Thatch & Deck’s. With over 15 years hands-on experience we have improved and perfected the art of modern thatching to ensure high quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction.


Brisbane Thatch and Decks only uses the best A-grade Aland Alang (Blade Grass) thatch and hand selected CCA treated timber for our pre-strained frames and post.

Balinese Huts Maintenance

Brisbane Thatch & Decking offers a complete maintenance, repair and re-thatching service for all types of Exotic Thatched Gazebos, Pergolas, Huts, Lapas, Cabana's and Brushwood roofs with top quality imported A-grade Alang Alang Thatch to ensure longevity and durability


Brisbane Thatch Bali huts frames are maintenance free but at some stage the Bali Hut will need to be rethatched due to storm damage, old-age, falling tree damage, lack of minor roof maintenance. We will also advise you on methods to prolong the life of your Bali Hut.


Our re-thatching service includes removal of the old and damaged thatch.

Bali Huts and Decks

Thatch and Decks is a match made in Heaven !


By far the best option with any Balinese cabana, hut or lapa.


Originally found only on ships 50 years ago, today a must have around the modern home, mirroring the indoors convenience to the great  Australian outdoors openness and lifestyle in conjunction with custom design Bali Hut.

3x3 Balinese Pergola, Yellow Below Decking Sides and Floor
Quality and Materials  

Quality materials


We use the highest quality, imported thatch from selected suppliers in Bali. Our Bali Gazebo frames and posts are weather and termite treated. All frames are all pre-stained in a spray booth for best quality and durability.


Quality workmanship


We pride ourselves on quality qualified workmanship. Brisbane Thatch & Deck’s Balinese gazebos have very low maintenance requirements and are 100% waterproof.



Due to the exact 35˚angle or pitch of our gazebos and quality of our materials, we guarantee 10 - 15 years durability on the materials (thatch) used for our Bali huts.


Highest quality timber is used for the decking. Posts and timber used as decking material has between 35-45 years life expectancy.


Local Grade Thatch vs Export Grade Thatch


Brisbane Thatch & Decking uses the highest quality Export Grade Thatch which will add between 5-10 years to your gazebo. A-Grade Alang Alang thatch is used in all our thatch work.


Local (C-grade) Thatch (identified with a black coloured string), has a much shorter life and is not as durable as the Export A-Grade Thatch. Even in the export grade thatch there are sub grades and deferent qualities.


Art shaped Hexagon Bali hut
Many atvantages of thatch over conventional roofing materials

Advantages of thatch gazebos


Thatch Gazebos are naturally insulated, and are up to 10 °C cooler in summer than any other roofing material. Thatch breathes naturally, allowing any trapped heat and moisture to escape, providing an ideal Brisbane summer solution.




Combining traditional methods with modern day advanced and specialised thatching techniques, natural thatch has become an exciting and attractive alternative to conventional roofing material.

Whilst being open and spacious a thatch gazebo provides excellent insulation in extreme temperatures.The diversity regarding shapes and designs, is infinite.


Custom made


We often work with architects and property developers for custom made unique gazebos and outdoor areas, in order to fit the exact need of the client


Product Blady Grass Alang Alang
History & Journey Thatch 

Alang Alang (Imperata cylindrical), also known as blady grass; Japanese bloodgrass; kunai grass or cogon grass, is a type of grass in the class Imperata.

Alang Alang, is placed in the subfamily Panicoideae, subgroup Andropogonodae, tribe Andropogoneae.


Alang Alang, is a perennial rhizomatous grass native to east and southeast Melanesia, India, Asia, Australia, Micronesia, eastern and southern Africa.


Alang Alang can reach height of 3m. The leaves are about 2cm wide at the base and narrows to a sharp point at the top. The leaves’ margins are surrounded with sharp silica crystals and are finely toothed.


The leave’s main vein is a lighter colour than the rest of the leaf and the upper surface has fine hair near the base of the plant; the bottom part is usually smooth. Alang Alang roots grow up to 1.2 meters deep. Queensland Thatch and Decks imports A-grade thatch from Bali, the smallest province in Indonesia. Not only does Bali have the highest quality export thatch, it is also the largest tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali is renowned for its arts; music and traditional dance; fine leather- and metalwork. Bali has been a travellers-haven for decades and has recently had a rush in tourist numbers.


Bali’s exquisite tropical holiday atmosphere extends to the Australian lifestyle. It is seen on our beaches and gardens in the form of Balinese gazebos and furniture.


QLD Thatch & Deck can bring Bali’s wonderful vacation-feeling to you, with our wide variety of Bali huts and gazebos.


       Brisbane Bali Huts and Decks

Professional Thatching and Maintenance Service

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