Brisbane Thatch and Decks ( BTD ) is a factory direct Brisbane based Balinese ( Bali ) huts  factory and retailers selling Balinese ( Bali ) Huts, Pergolas, Gazebo's, Pavilions, Cabanas, Lapas, Rondawels, Shingles roofing ( roofs ) and Africa cape reed thatching suppliers ( oz , Aus ) Australia wide sales and delivering. Professional re-thatch thatching, maintenance and repairs on all Balinese Thatch (grass) roofing.

Brisbane Bali Huts

Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Bali huts

Brisbane Thatch Professional have more 15 years hands-on experience, custom designing building and installing Balinese Cabanas, Pergolas, Gazebos and Pavilions or just short Bali Huts.

Brisbane Thatch have improved and perfected the art of thatching. Eliminating all possible glitches in order to ensure high quality work guaranteeing your satisfaction. Our excellent craftsmanship obtained through many years of experience, guarantees Brisbane Thatch & Decking’s quality work that will outlast any other Bali Gazebo.  

Shade Sails

Shade Sails Qld Thatch

Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Yellow Belau deck and steps

Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Merbau Deck and Steps

Decks by Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Decks by Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Small Merbau Deck under Bali Hut

Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks
Bali Huts Brisbane Thatch and Decks

Yellow Belau deck and steps


A Brisbane Thatch and Decks, Deck is a very cost effective alternative to cover uneven terrain under a  Bali Hut or African Cape Reed Gazebo.


A Deck under a  Balinese Patio extends the indoors to same level outdoors living and presents an comfortable transition from home to garden or pool.


Both thatch and decks are carbon lock in products, both good for the environment.

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Africa Cape Reed Thatch

Brisbane Thatch and Decks, Supply and install Africa Cape Reed Gazebos.


The Cape Reed Thatch come in pre manufactured tiles, ready to be installed.


African Gazebos is a much lighter structure that the Bali Huts, 70% waterproof but super insulated provide a superior insulated shaded area.


Umbrellas Qld from Thatch

Bali Hut Repairs

Brisbane Thatch do Brushwood structure upgrades, re-thatch Bali Huts Repairs and Maintenance. Should the Frame and Thatch be irreparable, mostly with untreated imported Balinese Gazebo's, we replace the whole structure at competitive  prices.

Bay beds

Daybeds from Qld Thatch


Shingle roofs from Qld Thatch

Sea World Project
Art Shaped Bali Huts

Art Shaped Bali from Qld Thatch

       Brisbane Bali Huts and Decks

Professional Thatching and Maintenance Service

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